Monday, July 15, 2013

How to Build Strong, VISIBLE Abdominals (Six Pack)

Well, you've arrived,, finally ready to make a change in your life and develop some muscle. Even if it is caused by your desire to obtain the ideal summer frame, get chicks, or even just because you like six packs, the fact that you're on this page means you're already taking a step that many other people have yet to. If you're looking for exercises, and you will certainly gaze at them soon enough, but do not forget ONE important detail: abdominals are created through food. To obtain thick, STRONG abs like the man above, you need to be low enough bodyfat for them to actually show. The QUICKEST and EASIEST method to obtaining a good six pack is to use a low fat diet (or exercise a lot). Building as much mass as you want won't help if you have a layer of fat covering it up.

 Best Abdominal Exercises
One. Sit Ups
Two. Bicycle Crunches

Three... That's it.

You may be wondering why this page isnt chock full of 7-8 different exercises, but the plain truth is too many exercises hurt your progress and limit your energy. TWO exercises, doing 3 Sets of 8-12 and increasing weight (holding weights) as you get better at them will build your abs. More exercises, and you simply end up tiring yourself out to accomplish the same goal. Pain is gain, tiredness is not.

Alternatively, you can try to get a download for the P90X program and see if that extremely arduous routine works for you. But I have no idea where you would